Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Interpretations of Native North American Life: Material Contributions to Ethnohistory

1.   Author/Editor: Michael  S. Nassaney and Eric S. Johnson

2.   Title: Interpretations of Native North American  Life: Material Contributions to Ethnohistory

3.   Table of contents/outline

     Part I. Ethnogenesis; The Creation, Maintenance, and Transformation of Ethnic Identity

Part II. Change and Continuity in Daily Life

Part III. Ritual, Inconography, and Ideology

4.   Summary: The diversity of ethnic identity, ritual and history shared through their work reflecting the development of interrelations. Material Culture is an important contribution (made from what the world has to offer) from the Native Americans.  Social identities and belief systems are encoded in the material symbols that they employed to create and recreate the cultural systems of everyday life.

5.   How is this similar or different for the Maskwacis Plains Cree

Cree culture is different from the Lakota Sioux, reason being Cree history is oral, and Lakota is painted or sewn on a material, such as, a dress or cloth. The Lakota wear their history as the Cree people share their history through story telling. Each story having a different term of history and meaning. 

Student CM,October 20, 2015 

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