Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Native Religions

Author:  Ake Hultkrantz

Title:  Native Religions

Table of contents/outline:

Chronology of Native American Culture and Religion  3

Chapter I. Introduction to Native American Religions 9

                The Diversity and Richness of American Indian      Religions 9

                Ethnic and Religions Origins                             11

                The Formation of Religious Traditions           15


Chapter II. Native American Religions: An Overview      20

                Worldview 21

                Cosmic Harmony 27

                Powers and Visions 29

                The Cycles of Life and Death 32

Chapter III. The Religion of the Wind River Shoshoni:

Hunting, Power, and Visions 37

                    The Development of Shoshoni Culture and Religion  38

                    The Structure of Shoshoni Culture Religion: Spirits, Religion 42

                     The Dynamics of Shoshoni Religions: Rituals of Human Change, the Sun Dance, and Curing 62

                     New Religion Approaches 82

Chapter IV.  The Religion of Zuni: Farming, Masked Dancers, and the Power of Fertility 87

                       The Development of Zuni Religions: Emergence from the Earth and the Reemergence of the Spirits 91

                        The Dynamics of Zuni Religion: Harmony with the Cosmos through Collective Ritual 108

                         Zuni Religion Today 125

Chapter V. Conclusion: Unity and Diversity in Native American Religions 128

Notes 133

Glossary 137

Selected Reading List 143








The "Spirituality" which overly looks our spirituality, in its religions I do not take very lightly can dignify in which in the ways of our life, our ancestors. To me it briefly describes or under any all circumstances dignify, in which it persuades us to acknowledge how our ancestry goes as well. In its communications I did not read it as well and cannot justify into its persuasions and chronologically into its read. However it may be defined as a good over all book and intensely amazing.



To the given facts as to up above and its contents it looks amazingly well written and in form formats. Its consistency into however he may displease us does however condemningly he charges us for what reasons? I can condemn them to rot in hell or take place in a grand sanctuary and there is even no religions within its prosperity. 

Picked by student D.

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