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People of the World Plains Indians

Author: Anne Smith

Title: People of the World Plains Indians

Table of contents:

Chapter 1 – The dog days pg.8

Before the horse             pg.8

The hunters                       pg.10

Battles on foot                  pg.12

Indian Camps                     pg.14

Medicine men                   pg.16

Chapter 2 – The white men come pg.18

The horses                          pg.18

Riding horses                     pg.20

Little big horn                    pg.22

Wounded knee                                pg.24

The mounties                    pg.26

Indians in Canada             pg.28

Chapter 3 – The saddest years pg.30

Losing their land               pg.30

Wild-west shows             pg.32

Chapter 4 – The Plains Indians today pg.34

A better life?                     pg.34

Red power                          pg.36

Indians Today                    pg.38

Reservations                      pg.40

Canadian Indians              pg.42

Chapter 5 – The future for the Indians pg.44

Glossary                               pg.46

Index                                    pg.47

Summary: This book talks about all the Plains Cree Indian tribes throughout North America. It starts off on how Indians had dogs instead of horses to help without with making things and hunting. Once settlers from Spain came over to their land they brought horses with them, and eventually the horses got away and in the hands of the Indians. Once the Indians found how useful they are they started stealing them for their advantage. They had their own camps and the medicine men were the most important people of the camps. It talks about the war that lasted 36 years over a cow, and also the plains had their last great victory in 1876 in Little Big Horn. After the plains war ended in 1890 at Wounded Knee the Mounties came up. After losing their land the saddest years of their lives began. They were tricked into selling their land and introduced to whiskey. It ends with how Indians live today, many still live in their reservations.

How is this different or similar to Maskwacis Plains Cree?

This book is similar to Maskwacis Plains Cree as it is based on what happened to the Maskwacis Cree people as well as many other Plains Cree People.


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